Natas High Top
Natas High Top

Etnies & Natas High Turn 35 This Year

etnies is celebrating 35 years in business. How crazy is that?! Since etnies began in France in 1986, the company has continued to innovate as the first skateboarder-owned and operated global footwear company.

Here are some highlights from the past three decades courtesy of the Sole Tech website:

    • 1987: etnies released the first-ever pro skateboarding shoe, the Natas high top.
    • 1990: Sal Barbier officially joins the etnies family.
    • 1993: etnies is the first skate shoe brand to advertise in 411 video magazine, securing an ad in the very first issue.
    • 1995: etnies releases its first-ever skate video, High 5, a short 14-minute teaser.
    • 2004: etnies launches its first-ever online store.
    • 2011: etnies kicks off ‘Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree’ initiative.
    • 2021: we’ll just have to wait and see…