Emerica Drops A New Vulc – The Pillar

Emerica dropped a new mid top and we’re digging it. The Pillar is a vulc packed with some serious features. We’d do our best to list them out but to be honest, it’s a lot of super big words and jargon.

Let’s see if we can’t translate things.

    • They re-engineered the shoe with a “single piece vamp.” Translation: your shoe lasts longer.
    • An engineered liner with proliferations on the collar and medial. Translation: your feet don’t sweat as much.
    • Rubber reinforcement for superior durability. Translation: you can kickflip your heart out and these things will hold up well.
    • Lycra straps attached to heel anchor system for superior fit. Translation: They’re comfy and will help support those shakey ankles.

Seriously, why can’t companies just use normal speak? Tell us if this shoe rules? Is it a chiller? Better for skating in? Great for everything? Let us know! But we digress…

The new vulc is available in three colorways and they’re all pretty sweet. They’re available online and in your local shop now.

In celebration of the release they also dropped a rad little edit featuring Kevin “Spanky” Long, Matisse Banc, and Jeremy Leabres.