Eli Reed Catches Up With R.B. Umali In New VLOG Series

East coast ripper Eli Reed started a new Vlog series – Crash Flow. In the first episode, he caught up with filmer extraordinaire R.B. Umali.

Umali started filming homie clips at a skatepark in Houston when he was a teenager. Things escalated a bit when 411VM and Transworld got in touch for some footage, which helped pay his way to NYC. While there he finetuned his style. Heavily influenced by old H-Street and World Industries videos he took that and combine it with the hip-hop urban style of NYC to develop an approach to filming you can find in classics like Peep This.

As a filmer who shot for Zoo York for more than 20 years, Reed wanted to talk to him about you should know today if you’re looking to get into skate filming. We pulled out some highlights from the video below.

“Fall in love with your subject.”

“Get a decent camera that you can afford. Doesn’t have to be expensive, but pick up a wide-angle lens and something to keep your camera stable.”

“Watch a lot of skate videos and see what you like. “Don’t just mimic it but use it as inspiration.”

“Establish good relationships with people and be cool with everyone you meet.”

“Film as much as you can.”

“Be patient.”