Element x Bad Brains

Element recently partners up with D.C. hardcore band Bad Brains to drop a killer collab. Bad Brains bassist and founder, Darryl Jenifer even had a hand in the design work. No. Literally. The dude hand-drew some of the badass graphics that are part of the collection.

For those asking “who’s Darryl?” Or “what exactly is a Bad Brain?” Well we got you.

Bad Brains blew up the D.C. hardcore scene back in the 70s and are one of, if not arguably the best hardcore band ever. These dudes were super tight (probably because they were classically trained) and were the ones who coined the term PMA: “Positive Mental Attitude.”

Check out the full collection over in Element’s online store. And if you want to know a bit more about Bad Brains check out the trailer below from the full-length documentary Bad Brains: A Band In DC Trailer.