Deedz And Co. Tear Through NYC

A little less than a year ago, Didrik “Deedz” Galasso linked up with a few homies on his first trip to the Big Apple. NYC has been on the Norwegian native’s list to visit and skate for a while but it was only in September of 2019 that the trip became a reality.

The crew, including Andrew Wilson, Loose Trucks Max, Caleb, and Cyrus crushed a few legendary spots about the city. Some would even say it has everything you’d want. Well, okay, the some would be Deedz himself when he was talking about the trip – “they got pretty much everything you want, there are all kinds of spots from the big ones you see in videos to just small cutty spots all over the city.”

Check out the video and then pop on over to Nike SB to read a bit more about Deedzs’ adventures and find out if he ended up getting some real fuckin’ NYC pizza.