Danny Way

Two-time SOTY


How good do you have to be to win Thrasher’s Skater of the Year award—twice? Pretty damn good. And Danny Way isn’t just good. He’s downright insane. Danny’s made a name for himself by not only being one of the most talented skateboarders in history, but also by being one of the bravest (craziest) in the game. He’s known for completing extreme, dangerous stunts—like jumping into a skateboarding ramp from inside of a helicopter. Or jumping the Great Wall of China. Yes, you read that right.

Danny Way was born in Portland and overcame a rough childhood to become a professional skateboarder for teams like Powell Peralta, introducing himself to the world in their Public Domain video in the late 80s. Later, he co-founded the hugely influential brand Plan B alongside Mike Ternasky. He’s broken his neck and had over 13 different operations for skateboarding injuries but just keeps trucking.


Danny Way has experienced all of the massive changes that have gone through the skateboarding world since he first came up and he’s managed to remain himself. He’s also embraced putting his body on the line for his passion, something we can all get behind.