Dad Skate Squad

Dope Skate Dads Come Together To Give Back to Community

A rad group of skateboarding dads (hell yeah dad skaters!) is giving back this holiday season with the hope that “some little shredders are going to be super stoked this Christmas.”

The Dad Skate Squad is a collective of rad folks from Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles who, in the middle of this pandemic-thing, got together to shred and share their love of skateboarding.

In the upcoming days leading into the holidays, these rad dads will go from skate squad to “Santa Skate Squad.” It’s Transformer-like but more awesome.

Founding dad squad member, Jason Margerum shed some insight on how the squad and their idea to give back came about recently,

Skateboarding can be such a positive way for kids to build confidence, make friends and have fun,” Margerum said. “I had been thinking about trying to find a way that we could give back. I threw it out to the squad and we ran with it.

To date, the crew has raised more than $3,000 to help provide new skateboards, skate shoes, helmets, pads, and other gear to kids who need it.

If you’re fortunate enough to help pay-it-forward this holiday season, you can donate over at