City Mill Builds Parks the Right Way

What Would You Want to Skate?

London holds a special place in our hearts. So when we caught wind of this company kickass research project going down we had to amplify it.

City Mill Skate is a new project to research and create ideas for skateable architecture as part of a new campus for the University College of London.

The campus is being built over in East London on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which was constructed to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.

City Mill did a ton of research and collected a handful of ideas on the kinds of things people like to skate. From there, they mapped out a bunch of ‘skate dots,’ that could organically be turned into badass spots. The idea is to have them blend into the surroundings of the campus.

The awesome thing about it is the group is looking for feedback from the skate community. They’re not throwing out some cookie-cutter mini ramps and calling it a day.

Check out the full video and stay tuned for more updates. Seems like City Mill has a lot planned in the future.