CCS Catches Up With Vans Photographer Anthony Acosta

After skating with Danny Garcia in his early years, Vans’ photographer Anthony Acosta decided to trade in his board for a camera. Well, he didn’t really trade in his board but the story just works better that way. ANYWAAAAAAAY.

After riding am, and signing up for a black and white photo course at college, Acosta wanted to take things to the next level. He decided to put a photography plan for the future proposal, and present it to his grandmother in the hopes she’d loan him the money to buy some equipment. Low and behold. It worked!

Fast forward a few years and Acosta is working at The Berrics and also shooting photos for the Vans Park Series. Well, a lot happened in-between too.

Check out the full video above to get the full story and also check out how Acosta uses his dope photos to create a custom board. Yes, it’s a marketing video for CCS. But a super cool one nonetheless.

CCS asked Acosta to design a custom board using his own photos, and he shows you how easy the process is in the above video. (This shot of Gilbert Crockett is tailor-made for a deck.)