Burnside Skatepark
Photo: Hammeke

Burnside Skatepark In Oregon Needs Our Help

More than 25 years ago a group of skateboarders snagged a bag of stolen concrete under the Burnside Bridge, built a small bank and an iconic spot was born.

At the time, they didn’t realize it would become a spot that skaters would flock to from across the world. But it is. And now, again, it’s in jeopardy of being lost.

The actual bridge requires structural changes in order to make it earthquake ready. Recently, Multnomah County, which owns the bridge has been holding meetings to better understand the best way to remedy the situation. Fortunately, local reps from the park have been a part of those conversations and in the loop with everything that’s been going on.

We say all of that because now, the county still hasn’t decided the best way to go about things and is conducting an online survey and asking for the public’s input. Let them know how important the park is for the community.

You can fill out the quick survey right here.

The local crew gave us some guidance to recommend two options:

Recommended replacement long-span bridge. The park will have minimal closure and damage and retain the current layout and footprint. Other bridge options would change, or destroy portions or the entirety of the park.

Complete closure of the bridge during construction. This is slightly confusing wording, but the basic idea is that NO temporary bridge should be built. It adds time and money to the project, and it would destroy the south side of the park.