Bumps and Grind: Regenerating the Hackney Bumps

Everyone’s been there. You get to your favorite spot and there’s a gnarly crack in the pavement or the curb is a little jacked up. Before you know it you’re taking matters into your own hands and smoothing things out.

That mentality is engrained within skaters so when a bunch of locals in London noticed one of their favorite spots was a bit beat up they had to get things sorted.

The Hackney Bumps was an underused and underfunded public skatepark on the outskirts of the city of London. The bumps were built back in 1986 and held up pretty good for the last 35 years. But recently, they’ve seen some better days.

After some investment conversations with ‘major UK funding body’ broke down the local skaters decided to put together a documentary and a GoFundMe page to upgrade The Bumps.

Check out the video and if you’re in a position to help out do it up.