Brooklyn Banks

The Most Iconic Spot in NYC

What the hell is Brooklyn Banks?


If you’re having a conversation about New York skate spots, you’re probably talking about the Brooklyn Banks. This area found underneath a bridge might not have seemed like much on the surface — one large bank, one small bank, a few handrails and a few sets of stairs.

But this spot was home to some of the most iconic tricks and images in skateboarding history, including Fred Gall’s Transworld cover where he landed a kickflip wallride at the Banks, or Josh Kalis’ switch backslide in the same magazine.

But maybe the most famous trick at Brooklyn Banks was Rob Welsh’s amazing switch 360 flip over the wall. If you haven’t seen it, what the hell are you doing?

Why should you care?

The Brooklyn Banks are now off-limits forever, but even when the first walls went up they were quickly climbed and ignored by the likes of Mike V and others. They’re a testament to skateboarding’s rebel spirit that rose in the mid-80s.