Vice Caught Up With Brian Reid, Designer of The Osiris D3

Vice sat down with Brian Reid, the co-founder of Osiris and designer of the infamous D3. Reid put to bed any question of whether or not there was someone else behind the design of the D3 other than Reid himself. Spoiler: there wasn’t.

The shoe dropped back in 1999 and was one of arguably the ugliest skate shoes of the time. (Sorry! We’re just being real). It was created as the third signature model for skater Dave Mahey hence the name “D3.”

It was released to little fanfare but then during the 2000 Video Music Awards the one and only Fred Durst (look him up. He’s a goddamn American hero. Well, maybe not) came out rocking a pair and that set things off. The shoe set Reid and Osiris on a path that would cement their legacy within not only the skate shoe world but the sneaker world.

osiris d3
Photo: Bobby Hundreds

After about 18 years with Osiris Reid left the company to head out on his own. It wasn’t until a GQ interview popped up where Reid had to jump back the Osirus conversations. In the interview, Mayhew claimed he was the man behind the design, which is false.

Mayhew was one of the first skaters with signature pro models on Osiris alongside Adam McNatt, Tyrone Olson, and Gershon Mosley.

Check out of video above. Reid even gives us a look at the initial D3 designs from back in the day that he had saved on a CD. That’s a compact disc for all you Gen Z folks out there.