Breaking Down Skateboarding’s Iconic Spots With Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk and Iain Borden, a badass architectural historian sat down to provide everyone with a little history lesson. Now, we’re not talking about some boring lessons you slept through from back in the day. These guys schooled us on the history of skating as told through some of the most iconic skate spots.

Hawk and Borden started from the beginning and with the help of some badass ariel imaging from Google Earth, they jump from spot-to-spot.

From a giant pipe in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains (Baldy) to a 20-stair set at a high school in Orange County otherwise known as El Toro, these iconic spots have been featured in some of the most iconic photos and videos of the last 30+ years.

And if the video wasn’t enough, Vox, the ones who produced the rad video about also put together a super detailed guide with links and timecodes to all the videos referenced in the chat.

We’re not sure how they did it but the above managed to condense decades worth of skateboarding history into a 13-minute video, and it rules.