Boards for the Planet

Sustainability in Skating

Our planet needs our help.

With sustainability becoming such an important issue, we can’t afford to keep supporting brands and habits that lead to waste and pollution. Fortunately, many of the brands we already love and support (plus some new revolutionaries) are taking steps to improve their impact on the Earth.

While skateboarders and the companies that build the boards they love have kept up their rebellious, take-no-shit attitude, they have stepped up to support causes that really matter—not only to skaters but to the people and wildlife that call this planet home.

So how have skateboarding manufacturers and skaters changed the way they ride to account for the needs of planet Earth? In some amazing and pretty inspiring ways.

We wanted to give a shout out to some of the brands that are making a difference and helping skaters around the world be more responsible for the planet (while still being plenty irresponsible to their bones and joints).

keep it rolling frank 2

Deluxe Keeps It Rolling

Deluxe makes some of the best skateboards in the game, but now they’re making news for another reason. All Deluxe boards in 2020 will now come packaged in a “Keep It Rolling” collection box.

The idea is simple — the boxes can be used by skaters and skate shops to collect skateboards and other skate products when their owners are done with them. These can then be repurposed and passed on to people who need them.

This is such an awesome program, because not only does it help keep boards with plenty of life from becoming landfill, but it also helps bring skateboarding to people who might not be able to afford a brand-new board of their own.

Comet Skateboards: Good in Every Way

Comet Skateboards represent the best of what a skateboarding brand can be. They only use renewable energy to create their boards (in the only solar-powered skateboard factory on the planet), which are made only from hardwood that’s been sustainably harvested. They use low-VOC and water-based clear coats, water-based ink, glue without any formaldehyde, renewable bio-composites, and a supply chain built around regional materials providers.

They compost and repurpose all of their leftover scraps, and even let customers send in their skateboard when they’re done with it so they can recycle it — they’ll even send you $5 for your next purchase! What’s not to love

BambooSK8 Stays True to Its Name

BambooSK8 decks are made completely out of bamboo, a sustainable wood that also has the benefit of being a kickass skateboard material because it’s light, durable, and doesn’t break. Like Comet, BambooSK8 uses water-based glue, no VOCs, and recycles all of its waste to be used in other bamboo products. They even donate some of their earnings to charities around the world.

We’ve always known skateboarding can do great things for people and communities. But now it’s doing great things for the world.

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