Biano Bianchin Honored By CONS With Chuck SKT Colorway

Converse’s CONS Brazil is honoring a skate and South American legend, Biano Bianchin with a Chuck SKT colorway. Bianchin has been part of the game for years and helped shape the Brazilian skate scene.

The Chuck SKT was released alongside a documentary that Converse also played a part in that documents Bianchin’s grind and drive coming up as an international skater in the 90s. The dude would even go as far as riding buses for 24-hours at a clip just to make it to contests.

TRUE” was directed by Bianchin’s friend and filmer Guilherme Guimarães.

Converse also has a dope feature page on its site that outlines Bianchin’s come-up throughout the years starting way back in 1988 when he was only 12-years-old.

Full disclosure, we’re not 100% sure if these Chuck’s are hitting the State’s. We did a little digging and couldn’t come up with much but you could try your luck with international shipping through one of the skateshops listed on the Converse Brazil website.