Atlas Skateshop Capsule And Community Service Initiative

Atlas skateshop in San Mateo, CA just dropped capsule collection and established a community service initiative for social and racial justice.

In a super insightful post on the shop’s site, they talk about the inspiration behind the collection and how although, it may be a one-off at the moment, it’s the commitment to the cause for Atlas is longterm. Check out the full text below and pick something up from there shop right here.

Skateboarding doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Skaters are not idle witnesses to the comings and goings of everyday life. Rather, we are willing and visible participants in the world around us.

Over the last decade, it’s been inspiring to see skate culture grow and mature as we learn to openly address and confront racism, sexual prejudice, and injustice within our industry and communities. The killing of George Floyd sparked the greatest civil unrest since the long hot summers of 1967 and 1968. And skaters were visibly in the mix, participating in larger protests and organizing independent “Push for Peace” events in solidarity.

As the streets simmered in the month of June, many skaters started asking questions about what kinds of next steps need to be taken. Over several recent discussions, my friends at Atlas acknowledged that it wasn’t enough to be the neighborhood skate shop.

The Atlas crew made it clear that they wanted to establish an ongoing commitment towards racial and social justice within their community and beyond. While not necessarily having major financial backing, or connections of a large corporation, getting creative seemed to be the best way to make the most of this effort.

So we got together and collaborated with our artist friends that are active in the skateboarding community including Sasha Barr, Jerome McCaskill, Jarrod Bryan, Steve Green, and Nate Hooper to create a capsule that we feel reflects the times we’re in. And while the capsule may be a one-off, the commitment is long-term.”