Free Skate Mag Heads to Cape Town In Latest Edit

Free Skate Mag took a trip to South Africa for their latest edit. Filmed over 16 days in Cape Town, ‘Are You There?’ features highlights of a trip Patrick Rogalski, Patrick Zentgraf, Kai Hillebrand and, Jost Arens took earlier this year.

Jon Wolf, who filmed and edited the footage gave us some more insight on the origin of the film’s title:

The title comes from a rasta we met next to the beach… He was so hyped on skating and had the best vibes! He kept screaming ‘are you there?’ and singing Oohyyoooo, which quickly became the mantra of the trip. We were on a constant high out there, everything felt amazing, and between the spots, the locals and the landscape, it kind of felt like a dream. So jokingly we started constantly asking each other ‘are you there?’