An Ode to Special Sauce

We grew up in a suburban town on Long Island. It was a pretty chill spot about 10 minutes from the beach. Aside from that, there wasn’t a whole lot to the town. But the one thing that we had no others across the island did was community-driven skate shop Special Sauce. 

The shop was founded by Pete Szczebak and Chris Santucci back in 1994 and ended up closing its doors in 2010. 

If you were a skater, DJ, surfer, snowboarder, grift kid, or b-boy (that’s right) you’d be a regular at the shop. Special Sauce even hosted Pharell and N.E.R.D. back in the day. Yup, we were there. And yup. It f—ing ruled. They also had all the drops from the likes of Nike SB and others back in the day.

To relive some of the good times at the shop, James Buchmann (aka HunterstreetFilms) put together a little video covering 10+ years of Special Sauce. It’s a good reminder to support your local shop when you can because you never know when it might be gone.