Alphonzo Rawls Thank You

Alphonzo Rawls: ‘Thank You’ Black Skateboarders

For those of you who don’t know, Alphonzo Rawls runs the rad brand, Everybody Skates. They drop some amazing graphics and now, Rawls and Everybody in collaboration with The Berrics and StockX linked up for an amazing limited edition project.

For The Berrics x StockX ‘Exchange’ collaboration, Rawls designed two decks that honor the diversity inherent in skateboarding.

In a play on his previous “Thank You” design, Rawls’ updated the graphic to feature some of the names of the most influential black skateboarders from the past 40 years. Now, the new design is for sale with all proceeds going to the NEXT UP Foundation to benefit the underserved black community and inspire kids to pursue art and design.

The decks are available in two shapes and in limited numbers. Head over to StockX ’cause that’s the only place you can get ’em.