Alphonzo Rawls Is Launching His Own Footwear Brand

Alphonzo Rawls is one busy dude. Between skating, and running #EVERYBODYSKATES he’s recently launching a new footwear brand. Savalé Footwear is slated for release this coming September.

Alphonzo writes on IG:

For the past 25 years I’ve had the great honor and privilege of designing and developing footwear for numerous brands each with there own set of creative guidelines and parameters …whats different about my latest endeavor is that I am shaping the vision of Savalé Footwear from the ground up.

Savalé (pronounced sa-va-lee) is a new limited “luxury footwear” brand with a hyper focus on all details. we’ve sourced the finest materials and components to create a footwear experience that speaks to the meticulous desires of the luxury footwear consumer.

Savalé is Alphonzo’s artistic expression told through luxury materials utilizing footwear as the medium. Follow along on IG as he gives us some a look at what’s to come this fall.