Brum Girl Skate
Brum Girl Skate

Alice Smith of Brum Girl Skate Talks Equality in Skating

Redbrick, the University of Birmingham student newspaper recently published a must-read piece breaking down misogyny in skate culture.

The piece was written by Alice Smith, one of the founding members of Brum Girl Skate. Brum is a collective that helps connect female skaters across the city of Birmingham to help push equality in skating.

Take some time out of your day to scope out this piece. It brings a perspective not always seen within the skate community and elevates the voices of some that aren’t always heard.

Great to see what the Brum crew is doing to push skate culture and also help create change within their community as well.

The presence of other girls can help allow skateboarding to function effectively as an enjoyable demonstration of community, rather than one of competition and intimidation