WTF is Article A?

Article A is an independent curation project by a dude from Brooklyn - Mike. Some people collect vinyl. Others wine. I collect insights.

That's cool. Why should I care?

The struggle to sift is real.

There’s so much responsibility placed on you. Yes, you to sift through trend reports, white papers, social content, perspectives...

You can think of me as an aggregator of insights, scouring the internet for interesting information, and presenting it back in a neat and organized package.

No more wading through mounds of data, no more endless scrolling through pages of articles. Just relevant intel, all in one place.

Huh. Okay. What's your endgame?

Flip this thing and buy a lambo, duh. But, seriously. Just trying to make a positive contribution to the wild world of research and have some fun while doing it.

Still have questions?
We might have answers.

Why snippets and not long form information?

Your time is precious. Why struggle to sift? Check out what's on the surface and then dive deeper into the long-form. Everything is linked to the source.

Where's your newsletter, bro?

Do you really need another one? Probably not. But if you're interested you can toss that ol' dusty email of yours in this form and we'll spam your inbox once it's up and running. Kidding! Maybe...

How often do you update insights on the site?

As often as we find 'em. Full disclosure: we prioritize quality over quanity. It's all about the insights that 'don't suck.'

Do you take on bespoke research projects?

We sure do. Fill out this form and we'll get back to you within the hour.

What makes you qualified to curate?

I'm not. Well, no more so than you. But over the last decade, I've been on teams at every big ad agency on the planet. I spend time analyzing, synthesizing, and translating information into action. You may have seen my handiwork at the World Cup, your local post office, and of course, on screens, like this one.

Why people? What about trends or 'data'?

We're over-indexed on performance and data. But insights are almost never found in data.

They come from people. Tom Goodwin said it best, "Data can't take you to new places, it can only hold your hand. And data isn't a floodlight, it's a laser beam, it casts a glance only where you've decided to point it."

Where's your podcast, bro?

Nope. Don't have one of those. Maybe some day. But only if we're to get an awesome co-host. Have any suggestions?

Why don't you have [insert category] insights?

You got us. We've been hiding that from you all along.

We do our best to curate info from across industries but if there's one you'd like to see let us know!

Can I send you insights that could be helpful to others?

You sure can. Send it on over via smoke signal, carrier pigeon, or fax. Or, you know. Just email it because it's 2023.

How do you curate and aggregate everything?

We read. And observe. A lot.

Do you have a favorite insight?

Tons. This is one that stands out: To control your life, control what you pay attention to.

An idea brought to life via the book "The Principles of Psychology, Vol.1" in which William James penned the statement, "My experience is what I agree to attend to."