7Hills The Film

Nearly 800,000 refugees from nations torn apart by war currently call Amman, Jordan home. More than half of those refugees are kids.

Despite so many are so young there’s an immense lack of public and recreational space. That’s where 7Hills come in. Their goal is to unite local and refugee youth through skating.

In 2014, Amman’s first community skatepark, 7Hills, was built by volunteers from Jordan, Denmark, Belgium, Britain, and other countries who worked day and night for 18 days to finish the construction.

Fast-forward to today, 7Hills is premiering a feature-length documentary that showcases refugee kids who frequent the skate park, the Jordanian organizers that keep it all going, and how much heart it takes to allow others the freedom they deserve.

The premiere is meant to help bring awareness to a new program 7 Hills is getting off the ground later this year, which will further enable access to skateboarding for the local and refugee youth of downtown Amman.

So, set a reminder in that ol’ smartphone of yours because the premiere is live at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST today. AND the film is only going to be up for 24 hours. After that, you’re outta luck.

Tune in here. Donate. And support this awesome cause if you can.